Data Protection Policy

Singapore Chess Federation (“SCF”) and SGChessFestival (collectively known as ‘Organizer’) organises, administers and/or manages various chess events, including but not limited to:

  • Tournaments
  • Classes
  • Simultaneous Exhibitions
  • (Collectively, the “Programme”).

To administer and/or manage the Programme, SCF will necessarily need to collect, use, disclose and/or process certain personal data or personal information about yourself (“Participant”).



We may collect your personal information when you:

  • Register for courses, or/and tournaments

Contact us with a question or request for assistance.


The following are key examples of the information we collect:

  • Registration information– This includes FIDE ID, Year of birth, email addresses, contact number
  • Photographs and videos of participants – By taking part in our events, all individuals consent to the Organizer publishing photos and videos on all social media platforms as part of our promotional efforts


We may use your information for:

  • Processing, administering and/or managing the Participant’s registration in the Programme, including but not limited to the compilation, processing and administration of the Participant’s information for the purpose of ranking in the SCF player database and publishing relevant information on the SCF website in relation to tournament results and players’ rankings; Contacting the Participant on matters relating to the Participant’s registration in the Programme; Enrolling the Participant in classes, competitions, programmes, and administering these activities;
  • Processing and sending to the Participant marketing, advertising and promotional information on future events, classes, competitions and promotions of SCF via electronic mail and/or social media groups;
  • If consented by the Participant in the registration form and/or other methods of consent notification, sending the Participant such marketing, advertising and promotional information via telecommunication / email / postal mail as may be consented by the Participant; and
  • If consented by the Participant in the registration form and/or other methods of consent notification, utilising photographs of the Participant taken during the course of administering the Programme in SCF’s marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns
  • We will not use your personal data for purposes other than what we have informed you, or which are permitted under local laws and regulations.

We will retain your information for only as long as there is a continuous relationship with SCF or legal need.


Your personal data may be disclosed by SCF to third party service providers or agents engaged by SCF for processing your personal data on behalf of SCF for one or more of the purposes stated above.


Otherwise, we do not offer, publish or share your personal information with third parties without your permission, unless required by law.



All information is strictly kept confidential by the Organizer.


Reasonable steps and security arrangement are made to prevent unauthorised access to information.


We are committed to complying with the Do Not Call (DNC) provision.

We may send marketing messages to you if:

  • You have given us consent, OR the sending of such messages is permissible under applicable laws and regulations.
  • Our marketing messages aim to update you about our events and special deals from our preferred partners and sponsors.
  • If you wish to continue receiving such messages or to opt out, you can indicate your preference at any time at our counter. Your request will be processed within 2 weeks.
  • Please note that after opting out, you may still continue to receive non-marketing messages, such as notification or reminder of the events registered, or as permitted under applicable local laws and regulations


If you have any queries on our data protection policy, please contact our Administration staff at [email protected]