2nd SG Chess Festival Blitz Open


01:00 PM

07:30 PM


To cap off this year’s SG chess festival, we invite you to participate in this blitz tournament happening on the 11th of June.

See if you have what it takes to make quick and accurate moves whilst facing time pressure. Test your ability to think quickly on your feet and pit your speed against other players from around the country as well as from overseas to see if you have what it takes to come out on top. So take this opportunity to compete in this exciting tournament and put your skills to the test.

Venue: Jurong Spring Community Club, 8 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 649296

Date: 11 June 2023

Registration Deadline: 31st May

Entry Fees

All entry fees are denoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

Unrated players: $105

Rated (for any time control) players: $85

GMs/WGMs/IMs/WIMs: Free

Entry fees are waived for para athletes as defined by Para Athletics Singapore. Eligible impairment types can be found here.

10% discount for all SCF members (Being enrolled in a SCF program/course does not qualify as a membership)
15% discount for all NTP trainees (What is NTP?)
15% discount for Jurong GRC residents
All discounts shall not be accumulated

Entry fees are strictly non-refundable
The o
rganizer reserves the right to reject any entries without any assigning reasons

Dress code: All participants are required to dress in smart casual wear – covered shoes and long pants (unless in school uniform).

Conduct: All players/parents/teachers in charge are reminded to maintain proper decorum. SCF may also suspend/ban the player from subsequent events depending on the severity of misbehavior.

Format and Time Control:

  1. 9 Rounds Swiss System
  2. Top 8 get into the knockout stage – everyone competes in a best of 2; if there’s a tie, 3rd round will be played on Armageddon rules. The pool will get smaller until the Final 2 remains.
  3. 3 mins and 2 seconds increment from move 1
  4. Default time – when clock runs to zero


As this is a FIDE Rated event, all participants are required to have a FIDE ID.

Register for FIDE ID: https://tinyurl.com/registerSGPFIDEID

Only Singaporeans/PRs can apply through Singapore Chess Federation

Event schedule:

01.00 PM – 01.45 PM Player Registration
01.45 PM – 02.00 PM Arbiter’s Briefing
02.00 PM – 05.00 PM 9 Round Qualifier
05.15 PM – 05.30 PM Briefing to finalists
05.30 PM – 06.00 PM Quarterfinals Knockout
06.00 PM – 06.30 PM Semifinals Knockout
06.30 PM – 07.00 PM Finals Knockout
07.30 PM Prize giving for the Blitz Open and Prof Lim Kok Ann International Open

All participants are required to attend and to stay throughout the prize giving ceremony.

Tie Break:

  1. Direct encounter 
  2. Buchholz Cut 1 
  3. Buchholz 
  4. Sonnenborn Berger
  5. Cumulative system – Sum of Progressive Scores (Sum of Progressive Scores: After each round a player has a certain tournament score. These scores are added to determine the total Sum of Progressive Score)

Submission of Results

  1. Upon the completion of a match, both players shall submit the duly signed Results Sheets to the Arbiter in charge. Results slips once submitted cannot be changed and the results written will stand, no matter the outcome. Players are to ensure that results and pairings are correctly written.
  2. Where there is a walkover, this shall be indicated on the Result Sheet.


  1. Recording is not compulsory.
  2. Players shall have no right of claim in the case of a dispute if he/she does not keep a proper record of their games.


  1. Any dispute arising from a game shall be referred to the Section Arbiter or Chief Arbiter.
  2. Chief Arbiter’s decision shall be final.
  3. No correspondences will be entertained after the game.

Electronic Devices

  1. The use of mobile phones or ANY electronic devices is prohibited.
  2. All electronics will be switched off and kept in bags, and the bags will be stowed beneath the table during each round.
  3. Any ring or sound arising from such devices during the game shall be an immediate loss without appeal.
  4. Use of electronic devices and mobile phones are only allowed once players have exited the playing area.


  1. All players must be at their seats before the commencement of every round. Should a player arrive at their seat after a round has started, they will not be compensated for any time that may have elapsed from their clocks. 
  2. Only players are allowed within the playing area. Once players have completed their games, they are deemed as spectators and must leave the playing area.
  3. Non-players of the event (parents/accompanying persons/spectators, etc) are not allowed within the Playing Area.


Place/Category Trophies Cash Prize (SGD)
1st Yes $500
2nd Yes $400
3rd Yes $300
4th Yes $300
5th $200
6th $200
7th $200
8th $200
U16 Top 5
U14 Top 5
U12 Top 5
U10 Top 5
U8 Top 5

All participants are entitled to one prize only.

All Age Group Prizes are tentative and subject to change, depending on the demographic profile of the participants.